Acrobatic Dinner Show at The Chaoyang Theatre

Eating out in China is one thing, but turning it into a spectacle is another. In the country of “everything possible”, we set out to test out the acrobatic dinner show at the Chaoyang Theatre event.

The Chaoyang District

Often we had heard talk of such dinner shows but never ventured inside one. So we ventured out into the wild Beijing streets and looked for it. It took no time asking around until we were pointed out to the Chaoyang district of the capital city. It’s a large business area in Beijing, boasting some of the best and fanciest eat-outs around town!

Here the city is at fast pace, and those often pesky business buildings are filled with restaurants. But little did we know that an acrobatic dinner would be waiting for us in the midst of all the magnificence.

Front Side of the Chaoyang Theatre

And there it was. Quite a small building in comparison with the rest of the skyscrapers and and overlooking CCTV tower building. Seeing the beautiful old architecture accompanied with the mandatory neon lights I began to believe that there was something truly original to be found here. People were flocking from all over the world to see the show, but most of the visitors were Chinese which is a further positive sign in authenticity.

Peking ducked served at the theatre

And the show was on! These Chinese acrobats are some of the most daring performers I have ever seen in my life. In short, I was extremely impressed and could hardly hold on to my plate while watching the show. Especially impressive was this hat trick, where uncountable amount of hats were literally flying around the stage in unison. Just a well put together spectacle, brilliant, colorful and beautiful all at the same time. This show has it all!

Peking ducked served at the theatre

Yes, you have guessed right. I did have the classic of the classics, Beijing Duck or more traditionally known as the “Peking Duck”. As the show is not from the lightest side, luckily the duck meat is! This lean meat was delicious, well displayed and a suitable snack for the one hour duration. Another fun bonus was that it’s eaten by hand using the thin layered wheat bread, just stuff the bread with your preference, eat and watch away!

To sum up the experience I never imagined that watching an acrobatic show could be so much fun while eating. Of course a traditional course menu is a must for such an experience. One may also enjoy the show without any food, which for sure is well worth it as well!

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