Four Groups of Chinese Dishes

Chinese food is very flexible and it’s even often possible to make a custom order at a restaurant. Also they understand that some people do not eat meat.. for ethnical, religious or health reasons. But the Chinese do love their meat, for example pork, fish, dog meat and even snakes are very popular. Other less popular meat dishes are scorpions, insects and other exotic animals which are most eaten in the South of China.

Chinese Dishes

The variety of Chinese dishes is vast, but you can roughly group them into four main groups according to the air directions.

The Northern kitchen has plenty of weat products such as noodles, buns and bread. Spices are not used as much as in other parts of the country.

If you go to the East, you will find out that a lot of seafood is cooked there. The food is skillfully prepared and often steamed, bringing out the health affects and the pure taste of good ingredients. A popular charactaristic to a dinner table in the east is that the variety of plates on the table are plentiful. Also they are not hesitant to try new things.

In the South, the Yue Chinese use plenty of vegetables, fish and shellfishes.. but spices are mild. Rise is being eaten every day, unlike the north where bread often is replaced by rice.

The Western kitchen in China uses a lot of chili and other spicies such as pepper and ginger. Tofu is extremely popular here as well. The famous “Mapo Tofu” is an extremely spicy tofu plate.

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