Daily Chinese Food Habits

The importance of Chinese dining habbits lies in regularity and orderliness. One must be strict about their eating schedule in order to stay healthy. Besides this, the social aspect of dining is extremely important. Actually you can rearly see a Chinese person eating outside by themselves. This is not because all Chinese eat with others, but because eating alone is considered so unusual that these people prefer to order home deliver or cook by themselves.

Asian Style Restaurant

Talking at the dinner table, with a loud voice is completely normal and considered polite to engadge in conversation in this way. This and the fact that a Chinese dinner table consists of several different dishes uses a lot of time. The Chinese are acustomed to eat a appetizers, main dishes and soups. Most of the dishes are shared with everyone.

Also it is common not to drink while you eat. Unless you are drinking beer it’s a different story, or also drinking soup can replace drinks. Also cold drinks are often avoided and your beer might come to you warm if you are not careful. Remember to ask for it every time you order. Cold drinks are considered unhealthy, which is true dispite their good taste. This is why don’t be surpriced if you see a Chinese person drinking hot water without any tea leaves.

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