Best of Beijing: Eating at Night

Eating out in the Beijing Nightlife is one of the most thrilling experiences in China. In the main parts of the city, you have plenty of delicious restaurants that operate all night. Although sometimes you might have to wake up the people working there, they are happy that customers visit as it does increase their income. So it’s nothing to feel bad about, instead this difference in culture is definitely¬†meant to be enjoyed!

Nightlife in Beijing

Besides interesting yet, good service.. eating out in Beijing is extremely cheap. It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day the price will be the same. You can get anything from fresh seafood to stakes and a huge variety of vegetables dishes. The idea is, that you start with beers that you first check if they are properly cold or not. After the waitress has picked the coldest beers in the house for you.. you can start to order.

Choose a variety of dishes, vegetables, fish, meat.. to make sure your ying and yan are in order for the night. What’s the most fun is that you share all the plates that just keep coming to the table. Without having to worry about the bill.

So if you are out in Beijing, make sure you get responsibility drunk and try out the night menu! You might want to skip the Karaoke. But that’s just up to personal taste isn’t it!

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