Engrish in Chinese Menus

The term “Engrish” is known mostly from Japan. Where the letters r and l are pronounced the same, having difficulty seeing the difference.. as well as confusing the two a lot.

Weird Menu in China

However the term “Engrish” has been taken well into use in all Asian countries.. simply to significy English text that is incorrect.. and funny as well.

Chinese Menu Engrish

In China there are not that many English texts as in Japan for example, so the laughs are not that plentiful. However one place where you are sure to get some good laughs are Chinese menus. The translations of foods from Chinese to English are often simply hilarious.

I recently ventured into a Korean restaurant in Shanghai and could not help but order a dish of “Extreme fat spicy fragrance face cattle”. Just seeing the name, I had to order it! It was a bowl of beef, noodles and some vegetables.. in hot soup. It still remains a mystery where this term “face” comes from.. I see it every known and then.. “face this.. and face that..” without actually seeing and faces! 🙂

If you do know the origin of that Engrish translation, do let me know in the comments below. Thank you!

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  1. Nice post. But the picture on the top doesn’t work. I’m just curious to what it is, could you please fix that? Cheers!

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