Crazy Night of Out with Meat and Panda Theater in Beijing

Eating is best at it’s most social and it’s most exiting form. We set out to test those limits in the city of Beijing. There was quite a big group of us, and we ate just about anything the crossed our path. While we are always on the lookout for new recipe ideas, this time it was much more than that. And to get us into the mood, we decided on some quality entertainment in the form of Pandas. Not just because you cannot eat them, but we thought that an exiting action packed Kung Fu show is just what we need to get out mood going for the night.

Shichahai Theater in Beijing

So no longer than soon, we set out to witness this performance spectacle in Shichahai Theater which more than lived up to our expectations. I would like to add, that there are loads of shows in the city. Including that of the Red Theatre in Beijing, but we were extremely positively surprised about this particular performance. Not only was it furry and cute, but also a really classy act that made us not just giggle but go “whooooa”. Before long, the show was over the we were stuck to our seats for some time. It was then that we decided to venture out of the theater and into the real world, without panda galore.

But perhaps or perhaps not because of the effect of the show and the Shichahai neighbourhood, we did decided to go and look for some meat. And meat we found, all kinds with lots of fragrance and variety to choose from. To do a bit of experimenting, with the help of tsingtao beer we ordered a plate of frogs to start with. Later we moved on to donkeys and such. Might sound wild, but we did not dare to go till dogs. In stead, we had a moderately wild dinner with all kinds of exotic meat. But what we have found, is that opposite to the regular meat products such as cows and pigs that often end up in our recipes. The more rare types are much more lean and have been even grown in more humane conditions. There is a lot to taste in China and going wild with a help of a few beers and a kung fu show will definitely hit the spot. Highly recommended! Not just the meat but the Shichahai Theater show as well!

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