Ways to Kick Back and Relax with a Show in Beijing

According to Chinese food tradition, one must keep balance of the yin and yang in order to live in a healthy way. While many might have forgotten some of the most important rules of the whole concept itself, most people try to at least in some way to keep balance. Because imbalance is the cause of many sicknesses, or at least that is widely believed within China.

Beijing Acrobatics

Unfortunately food is not always to most clean thing in the country, with lots of problems with hygiene. That’s why even if you would get a balanced diet of meat and vegetables, if you are not eating clean food than you might get of course sick anyway.

But food is not the only way to seek the balance of yin & yang in China and there are plenty of other factors that are involved. Just the modern culture only partly concentrates on the food issue, but a balance in life is not just diet. For example, it’s important to have a good balance between work and free time. This of course has been largely forgotten by the hard working population that often enough has no choice over their freedom. Having that precious time has been a luxury of westerns, but little by little the Chinese too are getting to enjoy what is called a holiday.

That’s why we have seen a huge increase in theatre and show venues all over the country. Especially in Beijing, people gather from all over the country to see famous shows such as the Beijing acrobatics show that is probably one of the favorites in the whole city. We previously reviews one of the acrobatic dinner shows in Chaoyang Theatre which is still one of our favorite past times and ways to enjoy Chinese food. There is just something magical with the combination of terrific food and acrobatics. Not that we were even interested in it first, but having tried it you are soon to be hooked in the experience!

Getting back to the topic of Ying & Yang, this really is a great way to seek balance with work life. Nowadays the theatre has been crowded with Chinese who have a little extra time and money to spend. The tickets are still not expensive, with discount ticket booking readily available. This is the case with many other shows in Beijing and the rest of the China too. It makes us wonder if Mao initially intended for these theaters to flourish for the health of the nation, but I can say that it’s working in that direction for sure. Once, when we were visiting the acrobats show, some foreigners that we met with had come to Beijing to seek some kind of a peace of mind from their work lives. I was quite amused to realise the the westerns were pretty much on the same level with the locals, trying to seek a balance in a healthy mind. How performing arts came to be one of the strongest link between food and mental health, that is an interesting question to answer. But in the meanwhile, we’ll just enjoy the spectacle and take the most of it. You should too. Just head to the Hujialou Station in Beijing and look for exit C. Grab a ticket from the nearby box office and your set for an experience of your life!

Show greetings,
Nuo Min

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  1. This sounds like the needed spice for a successful dream holiday in China. I will definitely put this on my “must-do list” for when I visit the capital city. Super thanks for all the insight on China, that you have given us through your beautiful blog. Xie Xie! =)


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