Nuo Min

I thought it’s about time to better introduce myself to my dear readers around the globe. My name is Nuo Min, originally from China. Anyone can join and enjoy the study of Asian and Chinese food with me. In fact, one of my biggest hopes is to connect people from around the world through the magical world of food culture. Nothing is more fundamentally important to us human beings. It’s also one of the most enjoyable experiences we can have on this planet, and it involves a lot of study and other fields of interest.

Myself, I always wanted to become a cook. Being blessed with the possibility to live in several countries, even though my original place of birth is Beijing, China. I have had the opportunity to meet with different countries and to taste and try to understand their food. Ultimately, food for me is understanding of myself and the cultural, historical environment that surrounds us. It’s really a beautiful way to live, enjoying the best of each country.

Wanting to stay well connected with my roots, I got in love with the food from my own country. While absorbing other food culture, I mainly blog about the Chinese one which is important for me in understanding my own roots.

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I love tasty and healthy food. I hope this blog is useful.

Sincere regards,
Nuo Min